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If a guest at your hotel suffers from coeliac disease or is a vegetarian or vegan your sumptuous buffet may not be enough for a good breakfast or snack. To satisfy your guests you can offer those with special dietary needs a refined choice of foods especially for them.

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Restaurant or Pizzeria?

In your restaurant or pizzeria there are always those who have needs linked to health problems, such as coeliac disease, or who have chosen a vegan lifestyle or who want to eat food that is safe and organic. With our products you can make your place welcoming for your clients, old and new.

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Bar or Cafè?

Get yourself known as a reference point for those who have dietary problems, for those who can’t eat food containing gluten or who prefer to eat organic food, providing these customers – often overlooked - with a breakfast, snack or light meal just for them! Our high quality and tasty Italian products are ideal for your business and will surprise and delight even the most demanding customer.

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Delicatessen or Catering service?

Taking advantage of a small space on your counter or at one of your events you can provide an important service to your clients. In particular to those who have made specific dietary choices, and who perhaps have children with allergies or intolerance related problems, or who simply wish to respect the environment. With our products you can provide new choices, especially for them!

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Ice-cream parlour?

What would you say to a snack or sweet which is not an ice-cream, perhaps to keep in your bag and eat when you are ready? Offer a great little temptation to your customers with allergies or intolerances or to those who want organic food or have chosen a vegan diet, above all if your parlour is not equipped to cater for these dietary needs.

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A sticker for your window to tell customers of the availability of vegan, gluten free and organic products in your shop


Pamphlets introducing the product, with a space to add your business stamp or label


When a consumer is looking for a product in his area he will find your business on the map on the ItoUK website


Access to your secure area, to look at the catalogue, manage orders, consult the archives and statistics


You can ask our standard counter display rack


You will receive our free newsletter giving details of promotions and offers every fortnight

Our services available at a small fee


You can have counter display rack customised with your own logo and details

White Label

We can supply you with our products in transparent packaging, without branding or with your own brand


Instead of plastic, you can have our containers in glass


Creation of a landing page or mini-websites dedicated to the product(s) and linked to your business


Promotion of the product(s) on Facebook and other social media and linked to your business

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